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Babyccino today was full of lovely mummies and babies/children, all playing happily together while the grown ups drank coffee and ate biscuits. My kind of afternoon.

A successful afternoon on the real nappy front too – a pregnant mummy came along with lots of questions and was able to touch and see a whole range of nappies. As well as a nappy demo from me, she was able to chat to other cloth nappy users about their experiences of real nappies and just how easy they are to use.

Also arranged a loan of one of my trial kits, so that means I am booked now until April time but do let me know if you would like to go on the waiting list. If you don’t know about the Devon Real Nappy Trial, you can find out more here.

Over the last few Babyccinos I have been helping a range of parents with their washable nappy questions, so of which are more unusual, so if you have any ideas on the following, I would love to hear them!

What nappy would be best if you live on a boat? The issue here is one of space. I suggested a simple, quick drying nappy such as the Smartipants – do you have any other suggestions?

How to get rid of the ammonia smell in nappies? I always suggest a good strip wash – make sure the washing machine is clear by doing a hot wash with no powder or washing to clean out the pipes and then washing the nappies on hot to get rid of any build up. Then get the nappies outside – the sun really is magic.

Do you have a sure fire way of getting rid of the ammonia smell? Or a favourite washing powder?

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