5 Reasons to use a baby sling for your newborn

use a baby sling for your newborn

use a baby sling for your newbornHave you wondered if you should use a baby sling for your newborn? There is something really very wonderful about snuggling your tiny baby in a baby carrier.  Holding them close and feeling their warmth and hearing their heartbeat next to yours is an amazing experience.

But it not just a wonderful feeling, it really does help your baby to develop and grow both physically and mentally.

So here are 5 top reasons for carrying your newborn in a baby sling:

Babies worn in slings are calmer.  The more a baby is held, the less she cries so wearing your newborn in a baby carrier will help you both have a peaceful day.  Your baby is likely to sleep more quietly and for longer as she feels close to you and is not stressed from being separated from you. This means that when she is awake, she is ready to observe and learn about the world around her.

Newborn babywearing replicates being back in the womb and creates a “Fourth Trimester”.  A newborn in a baby wrap is in tune with the parent: she can hear the heartbeat; feel the warmth; smell the familiar aroma which all add to the feeling of comfort and security.  Many believe that this 4th trimester is vital for newborns who have not yet learned to regulate their own bodies and may even reduce the incidence of SIDS as the baby can tune into the parent’s breathing.

Babies thrive on motion so carrying your little one in a newborn sling will expose her to all your movements – every time you take a step, reach, bend or twist, she will feel it too and this will all help to develop her vestibular system (the part of the brain that detects motion and controls balance).  This will help her to develop her own balance and motor skills later.  (By the way, wearing a baby in a sling also counts as tummy time as it helps to strengthen core muscles, ready for crawling and walking.)

Keeping your baby close, especially with skin to skin contact, can help with breastfeeding.  Mothers can quickly learn and respond to feeding cues and breastmilk production is improved, so using a newborn baby carrier could help establish and maintain a successful nursing relationship.  (Dads and parents who choose to formula feed may find that the closeness of babywearing will help them bond too).

A baby in a sling is physically on the same level as their parent; they see the same things as you and you are introducing them to the world in a safe and comforting way.  This form of socialisation enables babies and young children to pick up on your cues when interacting with others and may help them to learn to talk quicker.

Remember – safety first.  Always read the instructions, ask for advice from your local sling library or consultant and don’t use if you are unsure about your technique.

I sold baby slings for over 12 years, these are some of my favourites:

Hana BAMBOO Baby Wrap
We Made Me Hybrid Wuti Wrap

When buying from Amazon, make sure you are buying from the registered/authorised dealer – cheapest is NOT always best.  So buy from Hana and WeMadeMe direct and from Slumber Roo for the Moby.

(These are Amazon Affiliate links so if you buy from them, I’ll get a little fee – a woman’s gotta pay the mortgage some how!)

I hope you love carrying your baby as much as I did – comment below and let me know which is your favourite sling.

Arabella Greatorex, Editor of Exeter Baby Activities. The ultimate guide to family life in Exeter



Unsure about whether you should use a baby sling with your newborn baby? Here are 5 reasons why you might like to think about it.

11 Comments on “5 Reasons to use a baby sling for your newborn”

  1. My first daughter was prem so a sling was invaluable and really helped us both. No 2 just needed attention – they are a great thing to use and one of the few items I’d add to the essential list.

  2. Baby loves it in the sling. And it’s a great way for dad to get her to go to sleep and give me some time off!

  3. Could’t have lived without a sling with my first – no idea what make it was, just a bit of black cloth! Also had a baby bjorn but didn’t really get on with it. As he got older the ergobaby was perfect – still use it now and he’s three. My second is coming soon – hopefully I’ll get down to the sling library and get a bit more adventurous.
    Thanks for the article x

  4. Convinced it helped against PND and with breast feeding with my first. I loved being “hands free” and also getting out to walk the dog. Got a stretch already packed in my hospital bag ready for number 2!

  5. Babywearing is amazing. So much so that we don’t have a pushchair. Babywearing gives me free hands and allows me to do things but keep my baby close and smother her with kisses all day.

    Tula baby here 🙂

  6. Loving my stretchy at the moment with my newborn rainbow never used one before as only carried my son from 6m in a Tula then the wampat.

  7. I have never used a baby sling, my first is due in June, but I love the idea of the close contact .x

  8. I’ve been using a stretchy wrap with my four week old for a frw weeks and he loves it. Sends him to sleep almost instantly and means I can get on with jobs around the house and also go out to places where having a buggy might be more difficult… the beach, small shops, friends’ flats etc.

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