7 Gifts – Shop Locally for the Planet

Part of my Seven Gifts New Year Resolution – see this blog for more details.

OK so this one is a bit of a cheat as I actually did the food shop for the week yesterday but it was a bit of an early “start as you mean to go on” and it did get us prepared for the New Year.

We still bought pretty much the same food as we would have done by going to a big supermarket, so how does this help the planet?

Well, for one we walked. Yup a whole week’s shopping and no car. But I did take my Mother’s rather spiffing spotty shopping trolley to carry it all home in.

For another we bought local food, mostly. This means less food miles and with some of the best food producers in the country right here on our doorstep, you get fantastic tasting food too.

Some of my favourite shops on Cowick Street include:

Devon Weigh for Sharpham Cheese, local real ham, yummy bread from Crediton’s organic bakery, fresh local eggs (for when our girls are on strike), Burt’s crisps and South Devon Chilli Farm relishes plus store room basics.

Health Foods Unlimited for Emma’s bread, local veg boxes, organic baking, vegetarian and vegan snacks and all the toiletries and cleaning products you need. Plus cloth nappies too.

We did need to pop into our local supermarket (the Co-op though we do now have M & S Food Hall just across the road) to complete the list but over 75% of our weekly shop was bought in one of our independent shops.

Shopping locally is more relaxing too – no big overwhelming supermarkets, huge queues, loud music and stressed out children.

Instead we took the dog, strolled through the park, bumped into friends and chatted to the shop-keepers (mostly the owners so they really know their stuff if you need to ask a question).

So even on one of the less fashionable shopping streets in Exeter, you can still do a full week’s shop buying high quality food and help support the local economy.

And if you want more convincing, this article has some great information on the benefits of shopping locally.

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