Arabella Greatorex, writer and blogger

Arabella Greatorex, writer and blogger

I love writing about all the wonderful family friendly days out, events and businesses in and around Exeter.  But sometimes it’s great to have some variety and I’m lucky enough to be able to work with some lovely other businesses.

Here’s a quick round up of articles and blogs I’ve written for others recently:

5 Reasons to Delegate Projects to a Virtual Assistant

Because there just aren’t enough hours in the day, using a flexible VA is the way forward.  I can highly recommend Claire too! Read the article here.

Why delegate to a VA - Arabella Greatorex writter

The No Fuss Guide To Real Nappies

I may not be selling real nappies any longer but I still LOVE to help show families just how easy they are to use and how much money parents can save!  (Please note the affiliate links in the article belong to Renee and help to keep Close Enough to Kiss as a free magazine.)

The No Fuss Guide To Real Nappies – Close Enough To Kiss

Confused by real nappies? Want to know your flat from your prefold? Or your all-in-one from your hybrid. We have the no fuss guide for you.

 5 Things you Need to Buy to Reduce your Family’s Plastic Consumption

Lessening our impact on the environment should be on the top of everyone’s priority list.  And reducing single use plastics is one of the most important steps you can take.  It doesn’t have to be difficult though, simple steps are often the most successful long term.

5 Things you need to buy to reduce your family’s plastic consumption #pfjuk

Plastic Free July Themed guest post by Arabella from Exeter Baby Activities. Arabella writes about crafts with kids, cooking, growing and other eco-friendly things that are useful to people outside of Exeter too – check out her Mummy Musings. Treading lightly is all about reducing the number of things we buy.

My Story as a Breastmilk Donor

A slightly more personal one, regarding some of my challenges with breastfeeding and how I managed to overcome them and help other families.  Read the article here.  And if you need some support to help you reach your breastfeeding goals, click here for the guide to Breastfeeding Support in Exeter.

breastmilk donor Exeter

Tips and Tricks Time Saving Hacks

There is never enough time in the day for busy parents so I was really pleased to have been asked to contribute to the nixx guide on Tricks for Busy Women.

Tips & Tricks: Time Saving Hacks – Niix Fit

When you wake up in the morning do you feel that every minute of your day is already accounted for? You wake up and feed, wash & dress your children. You scrape your hair back into a messy bun (messy being the key word here), flatten down your un-ironed work shirt and attempt to get your ‘rabble’ to school on time.

I love helping other businesses spread the word about their services, so do get in touch if you’d like to discuss how I can work with you too.

Arabella Greatorex, Editor of Exeter Baby Activities. The ultimate guide to family life in Exeter

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