#Blogtober17 Day 3 – Cycling in Exeter

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This month I’m taking part in #Blogtober17, a month-long blogging festival that will hopefully see me updating the site every day. Today’s theme is cars but I cycle so I’ve changed it around a bit – #Blogtober17 Day 3 – Cycling in Exeter.

#Blogtober17 Day 3 – Cycling

I’m not anti-car; we have a family car that my husband drives.  It’s just that I choose to use alternative means of getting around where ever possible.

That means I cycle around 100km a week during term time.  Getting the girls to school, after-school activities, playdates etc.  I do the bulk of the family shopping by bike.  Most of my work trips and my socialising too; not to mention taking the animals to the vet.

Cycling in Exeter

I’d love to see a network of segregated cycle routes in and around Exeter – it would make it so much safer (and nicer) for cyclists.  And by encouraging more cyclists, it would improve matters for car drivers and pedestrians too.

The health benefits are huge too.  As a nation, we simply are not active enough and it’s cutting our lives short and costing the NHS millions.  Good cycle networks encourage people to bike more, leading to healthier, more active lives.

And cutting emissions from cars is essential to improving air quality too.  Did you know that it’s estimated that 42 people die each year from air pollution in Exeter alone? It’s quite shocking really.

Cycling - http://www.hexmumblog.com/2017/10/blogtober17-day-1-all-about-me/

Exeter Cycling Campaign

This amazing organisation is campaigning for improvements to the roads and cycling infrastructure in Exeter.  Improvements that will benefit car drivers and pedestrians too.

One of the key points Exeter Cycling Campaign makes is that cyclists aren’t a race apart from car drivers or pedestrians.  Most cyclists have cars and they certainly walk too! We’re all just people, trying to navigate our way around our Mediaeval city that wasn’t designed with cars in mind.

School Run Mum

I’m out in all weathers – rain, snow, hail (that’s the worst – it really hurts!) getting the girls to and from school.  I know some drivers find it frustrating to get stuck behind cyclists but if we weren’t on the bikes, that would be another car on the road.

And actually, bikes take up less space on the road and generally reduce traffic congestion, which has got to be a good thing for everyone.

So next time you see us out on the roads, give us a wave and remember how to overtake cyclists safely and legally.

How to overtake a cyclist - cycling in Exeter

How to overtake a cyclist – cycling in Exeter

Do you cycle in Exeter?  Let me know how you find our network and don’t forget to join Exeter Cycling Campaign to help improve transport for everyone in Exeter.


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