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Carousel Project

Carousel Project As you all should know by now, I rather love the Carousel Project.  I’ve raved to enough people about them.   I’m just so sad that my youngest is in full time school now so I don’t have an excuse to attend their amazingly immersive, interactive story telling sessions.

Carousel Project Carousel Kits

As part of their work to provide child-centred, artist-led quality experiences, the Carousel Project have produced a series of downloadable kits for use at home.

Each kit looks at a different age and has an individual theme and outcome.

The Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes kit, for example, shows how dance and mark making can help young children develop their own self awareness.

The Ring and the Magpie Kit is great for families with different aged children as the activities will engage a range of age groups – great for reducing sibling rivalry.

The kits are available on the Carousel Project website and at the moment they are FREE!  I don’t know how long they will remain free though, so get in there quick!

Carousel Project Devon Kits

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