Clever Little Baby Flash Cards

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Clever Little Baby Flash CardsNow those of you who know me will be surprised at my talking about Clever Little Baby Flash Cards.  They don’t really fit within the ‘no formal learning until they are at least 7 years old’ ethos.

But these amazing flash cards are in a world of their own.

Clever Little Baby Flash Cards

Firstly they are beautiful. Designed by local graphic designer Holly Howson, they have wonderful, child appropriate images, are beautifully tactile and are a great size for little hands.

Secondly, they can be used in all kinds of ways, not just as traditional learning to read tool.  We’ve had a couple sets for several years and our daughter uses them in all kinds of play.

  • Talking about the images, the noises the animals might make, the places they may live.
  • Picking 3 or 4 at a time and making up stories involving them.
  • Taking one or two cards to turn into a song.
  • Randomly shuffling them and then matching up letters or sounds from the words, or colours or textures from the pictures.
  • Inventing really complicated snap based games with rules that only she can follow.

Thirdly, Clever Little Baby Flash Cards are just loved by all the children who see them.

Fourthly, they pack away neatly in the sturdy lidded box.

Each set comprises 20 sturdy cards, with unique designs and simple text, choose from:  Down on the Farm, At the Sea Side, Into the Wild, Out In the Garden or Up in the Sky.  The RRP is £7.99 per set and they make great presents for pre-schooler children.

You can find out more about these lovely cards on Holly’s Facebook Page
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