Clothes to fit cloth bottoms

At groups recently people have mentioned that they are worried about the bulk of cloth nappies and how to get clothes to fit over them.
Actually most real nappies are slim fitting now and not much bulkier than a full disposable nappy (have you seen how much the gel swells?).
Even so, there a few tips and tricks that you can try.
3 pack of vest extenders - make baby clothes last longer and fit real nappiesFirst of all, try buying vests/rompers in a slightly bigger size.  Don’t drown your baby but by buying carefully, you will get more use out of the clothes (great for your budget and for the environment) and prevent any compression leaks.
Secondly, you can buy vest extenders – nifty little gadgets that make the gusset of a baby vest bigger, meaning the vest lasts longer.

Then, and my favourite of all, buy clothes that fit over cloth bottoms in the first place.  Did you know that the original name for Frugi was “Cut for Cloth”?

All their baby clothes have generous proportions, so they are a perfect fit over real nappies.  Plus they have fantastic ethics – organic cotton, UK designed, made in fair trade factories…and they are gorgeous too!

And even better, The Thrifty Stork in Exeter sells a fantastic range of Frugi clothes – you can find Katie at lots of events in and around Exeter and at the moment she is popping up at Pop Up at My Ex Wardrobe, 18 Gandy Street, Exeter, EX4 3LS.

Check Facebook for opening times then pop along for the best customer service in Exeter and a huge range of gorgeous children’s clothes from Frugi, Pigeon Organics, Piccalilly and Blade & Rose plus new and pre-loved designer maternity and nursing wear.

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