Devon’s Breast Milk Bank Fundraiser

Donor breastmilk bank Devon

Donor breast milk bank DevonSome mothers who are unable to breastfeed their baby, perhaps because they are ill or the baby was born prematurely, use donated breast milk via a breast milk bank in preference to infant formula.

This relies upon mothers being generous enough to donate surplus breast milk and for there to be high quality storage, screening and delivery systems in place.

Luckily there is no shortage of mothers to donate breast milk.  But at present there are very limited facilities in the South West to store, screen and deliver the milk to where it is needed most.

Healthy Babies UK are preparing to set up a depot donor milk bank in Tiverton. This will give South West parents, hospitals and couriers greater options and access to donor milk.

Why is there a need for a depot donor breast milk bank?

Donor breast milk is used for pre-term and neonatal units. Human breast milk is a complex, living fluid that is more than simply nutrition. Donor breast milk is often crucially needed short term.

HBUK are negotiating a partnership to act as a depot centre so pre and pasteurised milk can be stored on site enabling improved availability and access to deliver milk to Devon & Cornwall; something which is currently not routine.

In order to do this, volunteers are joining together to raise money for medical equipment and setup costs.

Milk and Honey Tea Party

The Milk and Honey Tea Party is a fundraising event, organised by local volunteers.  It will take place on Friday 17th February at the Hut in Belmont Park.

There will be lots of fun for everyone with Rugby Tots holding demos sessions in the park and a huge raffle supported by local business to raise much needed funds.

You can find out more about the event, offer support and see the amazing raffle prizes on the Facebook Event.


Milk and Honey Tea Party to raise funds for breast milk bank

Friday 17th February 2017

The Hut, Belmont Park

10 am onwards

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