Less-stuff – Painless decluttering and money saving for real people

declutter handy things

declutter handy things

Decluttering for real people

If you look up “declutter” on Google or Pinterest you will probably see loads of pictures of stark white rooms, a single flower gracefully ornamenting one perfect vase on one small table.  A white sofa in a sea of cleanliness and calm. This might be nice for a weekend in a posh hotel but in real life it’s not that easy and why make life difficult?

Real people have stuff. Real people have worked for the stuff they have, it’s been given to them by loved ones or handed down over generations. There is nothing wrong with having stuff!

It is possible to have stuff that isn’t helping you be happy though. If minimalism isn’t your thing but you feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of clutter in your home try a bit of less-stuff.

It’s a website full of helpful ideas and tips for decluttering in 5 minute bursts. No purging, overhauling or blitzing required. There is also a really friendly and supportive less-stuff Facebook group so you can share your decluttering triumphs.

Run by Lisa Cole, a self confessed re-clutterer and lover of things, less-stuff will help you work out what you need in your life. It’s amazing what you can achieve in just 5 minutes a day; just getting rid of 5 bits of rubbish for 5 days a week mounts up to over a thousand things in a year!

Slow and steady wins the race

Lisa had tried decluttering the traditional way, by pulling everything out and going through it. She found that she either got so overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, or carried away and threw away too much. After she decluttered her passport and birth certificate by accident she realised this wasn’t working for her.

Less-stuff is based on a simple principle – make it easy for yourself to declutter daily and turn it into a habit. The website is full of funny little graphics and guides that help you work out what you want to keep and what you don’t need any more.

declutter things that don't fit

Less-stuff = less waste

Have you ever bought something again because you couldn’t find the original? Ever found out of date food at the back of a cupboard? A knock on effect of getting rid of clutter is that you can see what is underneath and it is easier to find things you need.  Less-stuff has articles about food waste and alternatives to plastic bottles so less-waste can also help the planet.

If you sign up for the less-stuff mailing list you will get a free PDF book with an A-Z of ideas for using up leftover food as well as a really handy printable, reusable decluttering calendar, with daily challenges.

free printable decluttering calendar

Less-stuff = less spending

Once you get into the habit of gentle decluttering you will find you start to think more about what you need to buy.  Most people find they start buying less naturally because they think ahead to a time when they will be judging it for the box of clutter.

It’s easy to start

There is an easy walk through guide to gentle decluttering which covers how to get rid of your clutter and how to make it easier for yourself.

If you join the Facebook group or follow less-stuff on Twitter you will get random prompts or you can just look on the website and choose your own. Areas tackled vary from email to kitchen drawers and one prompt will have you pretending you are a visitor to your own home, it’s surprising what seeing things through someone elses eyes brings out.

It’s easy to carry on

Less-stuff will help you get into the habit of decluttering, so it is not stressful or even hard. It may even be fun!


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