September – the month of new beginnings!

dads take babies to swimming lessons with Water Babies

dads take babies to swimming lessons with Water BabiesThe start of the academic year brings new beginnings for lots of mums and dads as their little ones head off to school – some for the first time.  So now’s a good time to start thinking about some new beginnings of your own. Although your little one might not be starting nursery or school just yet, they’re never too young to start learning!

Baby swimming lessons are one of the best things you can do to bond with your baby and they’re also excellent for their development: they help little ones develop learning skills, boost their confidence, improve their co-ordination and enhance their wellbeing.  And with NHS guidelines saying that babies don’t need to have had their vaccinations before they can swim, baby swimming is the only structured activity you can do together from birth.

Water familiarisation is an equally important aspect. Babies who swim on a regular basis develop a respect for water and can be taught potentially lifesaving skills, such as turning onto their backs or, following a sudden submersion, swimming to hold on to the nearest solid object. And these skills kick in from remarkably early on.

dads take babies to swimming lessons with Water Babies

Multi-award winning Water Babies lesson across Devon are run by Rowan Bradford and her team. “At Water Babies, we’ll teach you and your little one confidence and water safety skills from day one,” says Rowan. “And, whilst you are learning new skills all the time, to you and your child you’ll only ever just feel like you’re simply having the best fun!”

The next Water Babies term starts in September and places fill up quickly, so give them a call on 01392790100 or email them at to find out more. Here’s to a month of splashy new beginnings!

Benefits of Baby Swimming Water Babies

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