Summer Swimming!

Summer Swimming in Exeter

We’re all dreaming of a long, hot summer. And, of course, a perfect summer includes lots of water fun!  Rowan Bradford from Water Babies Devon and Somerset gives us some tips for happy Summer Swimming.

Summer Swimming in ExeterThe swimming pool is one of the best places for both you and your little one to cool down and have some splashy fun together. Your baby doesn’t need to have had their immunisations before you take to the pool, but before you go, it’s a good idea to ‘phone ahead to check the water temperature – it should be at least 30° for a baby older than 12 weeks (or heavier than 12lbs), and above 32° if they’re younger or smaller.

Start by holding your baby upright, facing you and bouncing them around in the water, gently splashing from side to side. Keep lots of eye contact and gentle encouragement. You can try saying your baby’s “name, ready, go!” then wiping a palm-full of water down their face. Let them kick their legs, and sit them on the side, gently splashing them in to the tune of ‘Humpty Dumpty’. Take it slowly, keep the mood light, and let your baby dictate the pace and how long you spend in the water.

Summer Swimming in the Sea

A question we’re often asked at this time of year is whether it’s safe to take your baby in the sea. While it’s too cold and salty for babies under 6 months, your older baby or toddler will love a splash in the surf! Just remember to stay in your depth, avoid inflatables, and keep hold of your little one at all times.

Splash into summer swimmingWhile you’re both having a splashy time, why not keep up the momentum and think about baby swimming lessons? Not only is it one of the best things you can do to bond with your little one, it also develops learning skills, boosts confidence, improves co-ordination and enhances well-being. And just think of all the extra fun you’ll be able to have the next time you go on holiday with your little water baby…there’ll be no stopping them!

Multi-award winning Water Babies classes are available across Devon. Their next term starts in September and places fill up quickly, so give them a call on 01392790100 or email them at to find out more.

Happy summer swimming!

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